Video Conferencing: Helping students become global citizens (S7)

Video Conferencing provides opportunities for collaboration, virtual excursions and other interactive learning sessions to provide simulated authentic experiences for students. Participants will see examples of how Abbotsleigh is using HD Video Conferencing to connect its students with the wider community in new and meaningful ways. Also, participants will be provided with examples of meaningful connections with global Video Conferencing groups. The ultimate aim is to expand our ability to sustain the use of Video Conferencing as a rich learning tool in contrast to low-resolution webcam-based alternatives such as Skype.

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Simon Ware is an IT Integrator at Abbotsleigh School for Girls, a Pre-K to 12 school in Sydney's North. Simon's job role involves facilitating the rich and meaningful integration of ICT with teaching and learning, providing a bridge between teaching staff and IT Services personnel.

Megan Bennett has had experience teaching Senior IT and Photography, Video and Digital Imaging classes for several years before moving to a full-time IT Integration position at Abbotsleigh School for Girls. At Abbotsleigh, Megan works with staff to assist them with integrating a range of technologies, particularly video conferencing, in their classrooms.Email: @megapics