Thinking Hyperbolically – Combining Mathematics and Design to explore the frontiers of knowledge! (S7)


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Melissa_Silk.jpgMelissa Silk – Designer, artist, and inspirational teacher, International Grammar School
Teacher of design, film and other media

jane2.jpgJane Martin – Mathematician, enthusiast and inspirational leader, International Grammar School


This stage five, school developed course takes an exciting and creative approach to curriculum and draws on a range of ICTs to enhance the learning of students in both Design and Mathematics. Using the expertise of both teachers, students explore areas as diverse as codes and ciphers, visual representation of data, topology and nomography.

Each mathematical construct is explored as a concept or theory and then synthesized into a design expression, giving additional insights in new and exciting ways.
ICT is utilised in the creation of form, the expression of information and the beauty of mathematics. Emerging areas of information analysis, such as data representation, give depth and beauty to mathematical knowledge, allowing for both a clarity of understanding and an appreciation of the beauty of maths.
We will present a showcase of the key ideas explored, an example of the graphical expressions developed and undertake a practical representation of data.


Ideas that came from the floor durning the presentation
  • Use Google docs to create rich data represenations
  • Each student have a digital portfolio of their work
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