technology consolidation: "having a look through the student's eyes"(S5)
The workshop is looking at ICT through the eyes of the students. What do they think is worthwhile, engaging and useful! Can they present it to staff better than us?

The session: a brief outline

We will outline how we have structured the course and investigations and then look at some of the girls presentations and findings. At the end of the course we hope that the girls will be able to present to the staff and help with the tailoring of our school ICT PD. The course is a new concept and has been a very organic process!! The students have loved the work and we still have a whole term to come so this is very exciting.

Areas explored: growing daily!

The girls explored, used and modelled wikis, blogs, collaborative documents, mobile phone use, social networking sites, skype, iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch and apps, other devices, twitter, web presentations, youtube, HTML coding and virtual classroom design, broadcasting and video conferencing and of course "web2.0 applications"

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Kate Sonter:
Head of D and T, St Catherine's School Waverley.Kate enjoys implementing technology into her lessons and effectively oversees and runs technology based courses across the school.
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Rolfe Kolbe:
ICT Integrator, St Catherine's School Waverley.Rolfe is a maths teacher, now dabbling as an ICT integrator and finding it challenging but rewarding.