An Interactive Music Classroom (BDR)


This session will demonstrate an integrated approach for teaching Stage 4, 5 or 6 Music.
This session will also demonstrate tools, software & ideas that you can apply to any subject or assessment component.

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1. An Integrated Mindset

• Introduction to how it is possible to integrate IT into learning activities in Music, but with cross-curricular applications
• Demonstrations of lessons, assessment tasks and student samples in my Music classroom
(Featured applications will be Scorch, Noteflight, Keynote Graphic Scores, Prezi)

2. The Reality of CAI & CMI, Choosing the Best Path for all Subjects

• Difference between CAI (computer assisted instruction) and CMI (computer managed instruction)
+ Scaffold an activity to suit the technology available

3. Enriching Lessons with Software & Web 2.0 Tools*

• Software examples for teacher planning & lesson creation(Voila, Screenflow, Twitter, Diigo, Symbaloo)• Software examples for music instruction in listening, performance & composition(Using an Interactive Whiteboard)• Web examples for music instruction or cross-curricular tasks(, Issuu, Pages eBooks, Spazee)
*Just don't forget these will be excellent for every subject and teacher

What to Bring
• Laptop (Mac or PC)
• Pencils & Paper
• Imagination & Creativity


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