Introduction of iPads in schools
Pedagogy in the classroom within different departments

Different available
Different dept buying a variety
Itune cards


Buy vouchers tune deals out there
Cheaper than credit card account

The video out capability makes the iPad2 much more useful

Apple keen to work with schools

Currently implementing in year 12 and K
PDF and epub - Calibre is free software http://calibre-ebook.com/ to convert documents to epub These can then be uploaded in to iBooks
The Pages application for Mac also exports directly into ePub format


Keynote - for presentations
Good reader - useful to get documents onto ipad from web without connecting the ipad to a computer. Can arrange documents, PDFs etc in folders. Can use markups - annotate, bookmark, add shapes, highlight etc
Docs to Go - looks lik MS documents
IDT great TAS app written for MYP IB program but useful even for Year 12 D&T
Popplet lite: mind mapping
Compass HD:
Star Walk in Science
Attendance app
Wikihood Displays features and history of of local neighbourhood, with visuals and distances to sites - links through to Wikipedia
Elements - Periodic table - beautiful, expensive
Atomic lite - web browser that uses tabs
Sundry Notes - record, note, add equations, symbols and more
Words with friends - addictive Scrabble type game
Dropbox - great for syncing with computr
Evernote - webclippings and notes sync on ipad, computer and phone


Battery Life - Usually about 10 hours Turn off wifi when not needed, lower screen brightness to prolong usage
Joyce Valenza's pathfinder for free text books http://only2clicks.com/pages/joycevalenza/350887
A good article here about syncing multiple ipads to one computer http://spicylearning.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/how-to-set-up-class-ipads-and-ipods/
Delicious http://www.delicious.com/cgaus/ipad
Diigo http://groups.diigo.com/group/ipad4ed