Using Google Earth to enhance teaching and learning activities (S8)

This workshop will examine some of the more advanced tools available within Google Earth and demonstrate ways that they can be used to improve student understanding and visualisation of their world.
One of the things that Google Earth facilitates, as opposed to static print, is the investigation of three dimensional elements and the relationship between places. At Tara Anglican School for Girls, this program has been used to conduct virtual fieldwork in Geography, create virtual tours in History and replicate Biblical journeys in Christian Studies.

This will be a practical workshop. Basic understanding of the Google Earth navigational tools and layout will be assumed.




Karen Collins - Tara Anglican School for Girls

Karen works as a Teacher Librarian and ICT Integrator at Tara Anglican School for Girls.
She works with staff in both the Junior and Senior Schools to ensure that technology is not just an add-on to the curriculum but an integral part of every day teaching and learning.
Karen is also an avid reader and is always on the hunt for ways to merge her love of fiction and passion for new technologies.

van_z.JPGSue Van Zuylen - Tara Anglican School for Girls

Sue is the AIS geography convenor, has been teaching Geography at Tara for 12 years and has had responsibility for integrating technology in to the geography teaching programmes.Using Google Earth to develop virtual fieldwork has been one of her more recent projects.
Sue is one of the authors of the Geography Focus series of text books and on line resources and she is involved with the development of the Australian Curriculum.