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Google Earth

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…you can do more with Google Earth than look at your address ;)
Some movie screen captures can be found here

Note: We used the free version of Google Earth today. There is a Pro version of the software. All the reading I have done suggests that it is unnecessary to purchase the Pro version as this is aimed more at commercial entities who want to be able to download data more quickly, print higher quality screenshots, import GPS data and import a spreadsheet full of coordinates.

Include the term “Google Earth” in your searches (include the quotation marks.)
Google Earth Tips

  • Set your search location to be…? Your choice - View > Make this my start location
  • Click on the Ruler and measure the distance of things.
  • Ctrl + L for lines of Longitude and Latitude.
  • The coordinates of a location are displayed at the bottom of that page.
  • If you can’t see the navigation tools, go to View > Show Navigation > Automatically.
  • In the Panes on the left, check the top-most box to turn off all the sub menus.
  • The Terrain layer will allow you to measure terrain with a felxible ruler and see co-ordinates where the cursor is rested.

Google Earth Layers Gallery has a large collection of files you can download.
Some interesting examples of layers are:
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ocean
  • 360 cities
  • Volcanoes
  • Terrain
    • Search for Mt St Helens with the terrain layer turned on
    • (Hold down the scroll wheel like a mouse button and move the mouse)
      • Tools > Options > Terrain quality and vertical exaggeration.
Of interest
In your web browser,
  • Search for Google Earth Lit trips (in internet explorer, not Google Earth)
  • Add “Google Earth” (including “ ”) in any searches to see if there’s something that has been created to fit in with Google Earth.

Click here to download the ABC news content into Google Earth

now remember, don't type this rubbish. Copy it from here, paste it into the (right click >) properties then edit that window.
ABC Gallipoli File. Very Cool
Excellent Lit (Literature) Trip
Another good trip. Remember, Right click > Properties to look at how they did each stop.