Individual student wikis which teachers have access to. Benefits:
- process fully documented
- prevents parents from doing students' work for them
- teacher can be active participant, provide feedback

Comment tool and Track changes in Word
- Students like this better than hand-written annotations
- Uploading to Moodle, hard to return teacher commented / annotated work documents

Recorded conferences
- Research shows that students don't take everything in, often focus on the negative
- Record student conferences at time of need rather than write evaluations

Technology helps students reflect on their own performance, i.e. feedback loop
- Use flip camera to record performance
- Use web cams to record homework, then upload it (e.g. as Moodle assignment). Quality of student homework improves because students rehearse, record, review, reflect, re-record, etc.

Blogs (see
- Host WordPress blogs on school server
- Students are admins
- Buy domain name as student graduation gift from school to all students
- Plugin to "report comment", self manages commenting.
- When blogs become teacher directed, blog withers
- RSS Feeds into RSS aggregator (e.g. NetVibes) to create class portfolios, for example: Jeff Utecht's
- Use blog posts as food for class discussion (value student ideas / opinions / effort).

- dialogue plug-in
- Nanogong plug-in embeds java audio recorder / player

- Create back channel during classroom presentation