- get the Elephant working for you... (S6)

  • Do you still use a notepad?
  • Do you have trouble remembering things? Your students?
  • Would you like to have a memory more like the Elephant? (or like people to think you do...)
  • Do your students use traditional exercise books?
  • Perhaps they have notebook computers, and use Word (or OneNote) to take notes.

Evernote is an awesome online tool with some amazing features, all designed to help you stay organised and remember stuff!

Online or offline. PC or Mac. Desktop or mobile. Use Evernote to organise text or multimedia notes and find out about some of the special features that make it uniquely useful.

You should come to this session if...

  • You use a laptop, desktop, smartphone or other computing device!
  • Your memory is anything like mine and you forget things regularly! (My wedding date is engraved inside my wedding ring - my wife knows how forgetful I am!)
  • You have, or are considering the implementation of, a 1:1 notebook program.
  • You have an interest in areas like education support

We will...

  • Create Evernote accounts (it will be helpful if you have already done this in preparation, but not necessary)
  • Look at premium features ($5US / month)
  • Use file synchronisation
  • Sharing notebooks
  • Discuss appropriate devices
  • Look at the junk in the trunk!
  • Learn how to email and tweet directly into Evernote

If you are coming to this session...

  1. Email me - so I can send you an invitation to edit an Evernote notebook - dave@myracing.com.au .... OR
  2. Send me a DM on twitter (@daveyoul) containing your email address. .... OR
  3. Add your email to the list below

We will collaboratively modify a notebook during the session.


Dave Youl started life in the business world, working in a number of management roles before developing a passion for Education and young people. He was employed at Covenant Christian School as a Business Studies and Economics teacher in 2000. After a brief stint teaching at Kelston Girls' College in NZ (fondly referred to as 'Shebangabang') in 2005, Dave returned to Covenant as Computing Studies Coordinator in 2006. His role has developed and changed over the following 5 years to include management of their Edumate database, and just this year ICT Integrator.

Dave is married and has two young children (look for the bags under the eyes) and his passions include motor racing and mountain bike riding.

Dave can be found on the web, and also on twitter.