Why use them? Benefits over paper?

  • tracking of progress and process is much easier
  • flexibility
  • allows for viewing by different people

Tools that can be used for digital portfolios

One Note
  • part of the Office suite
  • separate notebook
  • allows for real time collaboration
  • able to accept content from wide range of source
  • not free
  • PC only
  • open source e-portfolio and
social networking software
  • content can be added
blogs, resume, profile
  • social network
  • student and staff
  • works with Moodle
  • allows to control who can view the content
  • similar to Facebook environment, so students are familiar
  • social aspect to it
  • requires infrastructure and server
  • blog page
  • boosts students self esteem when sharing / presenting their work with the whole class or in a pair
  • documents students learning, progress can be seen throughout the term or year e.g. when comparing 2 handwriting samples, pre and post unit brainstorm / mind maps
  • each student is able to add to their own eportfolio on their own laptop throughout the year
  • iweb particularly useful with the one-to-one laptop program
  • user friendly, Yr5 students able to use
  • garageband, podcasts, photos, imovies can be dropped intoiweb very easily
  • Mac application (however may be something similar on PC)

Other ideas or suggestions? Add your own.