Sandpit Session - BLOGGING

We are a bunch of (mostly) novice bloggers who are hoping to get inspiration and ideas from each other.

We started by sharing the blogs that we had already made.

The general discussion that ensued took many tangents, but here a a fair summary of what we have come up with

What Blog?
Edublogs was decided upon as the best host for classroom blogging. It allows student blogs to be connected to a teacher blog, letting teachers have a varying level of control over the students' content.

Purpose / Benefits of Blogging in the classroom
allows self expression
alternative form of presenting work
as a basis for cyber-safety instruction
reading and writing in an authentic way
connecting and collaborating around the world

Ideas for practical use
Literacy - role play blogging as a character from a novel
Use specific blogs / pages for specific projects. Applying filters to the blog stream can also be useful.
Use as a way to display work
Promote your school
Collaborate in real time with other classes around the world

Cyber Safety
The issues of Child protection when students have their work online is debatable
Parent permission to sign up for their own student blogs
Students do not need an e-mail address
Can to used to teach real cybersafety while making a blog

Do school drive a parent education program to enhance cybersafety?


the Bloggers Cafe - a place for upper primary students to network around the world, simple quick challenges designed to engage and conect students.

Pro costs $40 per year for the school
Edublogs is Australia based

Student Blogging Challenge for students
There are also some great guidelines for setting up and running your classroom blog in regards to etiquette and guideliunes for contributing.