Literacy; regular, digital and scholastic – all in one microphone. (S7)

Using sound in the classroom adds to students’ repertoire of presentation options; podcasts, radio plays, news broadcasts, audio books, etc.
Projects, assignments, major works can become more engaging and encourage your students toward the higher order thinking skills perhaps more than regular written work.
This session will explore a couple of projects with Yr6 that had some impact in all three literacy areas and (time permitting) will briefly demo additional options.

How will course challenge participants in a brief 50 minutes?
This session explores re-evaluating some ‘traditional’ classwork programs and re-vamping them into more current, engaging and fulfilling options. Participants get a chance to think through moving students from remembering and understanding into creating, evaluating and analysing. The challenge comes in re-evaluating your approach, being prepared to try something ‘different’ and taking on the challenge of assessing students in a different way – which may even involve restructuring outcomes. Also there's that thorny issue of perhaps not being as good at this as the students.

Who should attend this session? Attendees who are looking to;
inject fun into their classroom
move beyond the basic skills of recall and rote learning
push their students up the skill hierarchy
engage students in work they might otherwise find routine

These ideas potentially cover ALL year groups from Yr 3 to senior school.

Brief biographical summary

Chris Waterman has spent more years than he’s willing to admit being in and around education technology and technology education. Starting off in the IT-industry, gravitated into teaching, went back to industry to retain his street cred and finally after about 15 years as an ICT-education evangelist (and more), found the door at the back of the wardrobe returning to education. Avoiding words like pedagogy, paradigm and especially obituary, he remains pretty good at supporting lerning through technology. Currently he is the ICT Director at PLC Sydney; and a keen supporter of Edupunk, if only for the cool name.

If you want to be DOING something while the talk is on:

load your laptop with:
Audacity - it's open source and cross platform
Some farm yard sound effects - chooks, cows, clattering cans, tractors, that sort of noise
Some Sci Fi noises - spaceships, time machines, whooshes and beeps
Some non descript background music - only of the CC variety (of course!). Check my Delicious feed if you're stuck for sites

Bring along
Your ear-buds (headphones will do - but you look silly)
A sense of humour
A repertoire of voices
A capacity to moo - go practice now
Cud - ok, that's optional